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20160218 The Cook Report - B2B Thursday

20160218 The Cook Report - B2B Thursday

February 18, 2016
Our Blogging Recipe Is Simple: Zero Hoopla. 100% Helpful.
(May Contain Trace Amounts of Jest)  - Get More B2B Marketing Ideas Delivered Right To Your Inbox
Lessons that, to this day, still impact the way I view and conduct business:
- Be true to who you are, as long as who you are is true to others.
- There is more than enough business to go around, so help one another.
- Owning a business is hard. Share what you’ve learned and leveraged to grow your own company.
- It’s okay to be vulnerable and share what stinks about your business. Someone else has absolutely been there – and they can give you some pointers, too!
- Ask for what you need and want. You’ll miss out on opportunities or resources that are out there if you don’t reach out to your colleagues.
I wrote this up from resources years ago, when I was working at an FM radio station, as a motivational document to help in getting things 'going' and now years later I still use it but since we're using computers, blogs and other digital methods of engagement, here's the thought "How can you 'digitized' the thoughts in this list in your job"

Ten Things to Do Today to Get Business  

1. Send a handwritten note  

2. Clip and send an article of interest.

3. Talk to a satisfied client and ask who else you might help.

4. Send a thank-you gift to someone who referred you.

5. Give your business card to someone with influence.

6. Send a letter to the editor of a magazine your customers read.

7. Add fifteen people to your mailing list.

8. Leave a compelling voice mail.

9. Make an appointment.

10. Call a client you haven't talked to in two years.

vDomainHosting, Inc Logo Downloads
So, here's the question, should downloads of logos be a seperate page, OR a part of the 'Media Kit' document that also has testimonials, publish moment, the 'about me' stuff  I saw a link today on the PHP site, that prompted my question.


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20160217 The Cook Report - Wednesday The Mind
20160216 The Cook Report - Tuesday’s Tacticul tips for SEO

20160216 The Cook Report - Tuesday’s Tacticul tips for SEO

February 16, 2016  Take a look.  This free download is a great compliment to your account
You may or may not be a Bitly user already.
Millions of people use our link management platform to shorten links every day and keep track of how those links get shared. Recently, though, we wanted to see how Bitly was being used in in the wild. How does a print magazine use Bitly? How about a tech startup? Or an author or a consultant?
In this eBook, you’ll learn all of that and more, which will hopefully inspire you to try new things with Bitly that will help your business grow, whether you’re an
enterprise, a small shop, or an artist.
• How brands of all different shapes and sizes are using Bitly in their marketing
• Five different channels where Bitly can help with metrics & optimization
• 37 different examples, quotes, and use cases to make the most of Bitly
Here’s how brands can use Bitly for social media marketing:
use Bitly to track the engagement on different social posts.  Some companies integrate Bitly directly within their social shares buttons.

A lot of consumer and media brands are making big pushes on Instagram. But how do you know that you’re driving people back to your website? Mashable
uses Bitly to keep track of visitors who come from Instagram. That way, they know whether their Instagram audience is engaging with other channels.
Those who don’t measure don’t grow in business and Bitly allows you the  opportunity to effectively test different copy to see what gets more clicks  and what is a complete dud.
In addition to using Bitlinks to track engagement across paid social promotions  and optimizing CTAs, SocialQuant uses Bitly to see how many visitors are  
coming from their Twitter account and clicking on a “Free Trial” link in the company bio.
It’s hard not to think of Nike when you see a swoosh or think of Redbull when you think of wings. To keep pushing those powerful brand elements, both
businesses use Branded Short Domains. All of Nike’s links are branded with, while Redbull’s links are all defined by the domain.
This can make a big difference—Branded Short Domains can see up to 34% higher click-through rates than unbranded links.

One big advantage of using Bitly is that brands can track the engagement across websites and  other channels that they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to access. Bitlinks can help show how much traffic is being directed, activated, and promoted to your products or services from other sites, email campaigns, syndicated articles, and more.
Here’s how companies are using Bitly to help measure marketing & brand awareness initiatives.
With Bitly’s dashboard, you can analyze the best time to publish content by time of day or day of the week and then filter those statistics further by  categories like channel, location, and device type.
By adding a “+” to the end of a Bitlink URL, a brand can access any Bitlink’s  statistics and check out the engagement, clicks, geographic distribution, and
more. This is handy if you’re trying to analyze which content is working for other brands, as well as competitors.

Bitly can help you track how web visitors and inbound leads are downloading that collateral. You can even drill down into referrals, channels where the links
are most shared, and where the eBook links see the most engagement.
Email to learn how.
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20130215 The Cook Report - SMAA Student Art Show for 2016

20130215 The Cook Report - SMAA Student Art Show for 2016

February 15, 2016

Coming next month to the Sidney Museum and Art Gallery - 39th Annual Student Art Show in Port Orchard, WA 98366

20160215 The Cook Report - How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Videos  by  Ian Cleary

20160215 The Cook Report - How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Videos by Ian Cleary

February 15, 2016
How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Videos  by  Ian Cleary   

1. Make Good YouTube Videos – Create The Right Content
Helpful, such as how-to videos or product reviews
Entertaining, such as cat videos
Informative, such as news clips

2.  Consider the Length of Your Videos
Social media shares
Length of time users spend watching

3. Pay Attention to Naming Conventions in Your Youtube SEO process
Use long-tail keywords that describe what your video is about
A title like “How to Build Your WordPress Blog For Beginners – WordPress Tutorial” incorporates several applicable keywords, such as “WordPress Blog” and “WordPress Tutorial.” A title like this is more likely to be ranked for this particular topic than something along the lines of “Build Your Blog From Scratch.” Here’s one example of a video that ranks well for the search term “WordPress Tutorial.”
So before you settle on a target keyword, perform a quick Google search on your chosen term to see if any videos show up in the results
Specify Tags in the YouTube Video Manager
Utilize Your Description -that is make the most of your video description
Include a description approximately 200 words in length or longer that details what your video is about, what viewers will learn, and how it will benefit them. Don’t forget to include any call-to-action links that users can click on to learn more.
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