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20160119 The Cook Report - Tips for SEO

January 19, 2016

- The Moz Blog
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  - By Ryan Crockett, 14 January 2016
If you’re nonprofit organization or young startup on a shoestring budget, SEO and social media marketing are necessities for broadcasting your message or value proposition to the digital community. Few other advertising channels offer as much bang for your buck, and your goal right now should be cost-effective tactics.

Job hunting in the ever-evolving SEO industry is a unique challenge. SEO is one of the few industries in which years of experience means far less than your ability to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changes and algorithm updates before they arrive, and always put quality content and organic link building strategies above shady SEO tactics.

January 14th, 2016
| By Shaun Anderson
Is your website ready to build links to? If it's not - link building will NOT have the same affect as it did a few years ago.

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