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  • They’re installed on a per video basis (Yes, you have to add them to each video individually – but it’s worth it!)
  • You provide the destination URL and, depending on the Card type, customize an image, title, and call-to-action text
  • They are rendered on desktop and mobile devices…

… this is the FIRST time we’ve been able to send traffic from YouTube videos to your website on mobile.

- See more at:  James Clerk Maxwell: Scotland’s forgotten Einstein -
James Clerk Maxwell is one of our greatest scientists and without him we may not have x-rays, radio or colour photography. But while scientists Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are household names, Maxwell is barely known to the general public.  First of all we would like to thank team behind for helping us in creating different IP tools for our website Welcome to Blab, a place to watch, join, and interact with live conversations about the topics that matter most to you.
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