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20160215 The Cook Report - How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Videos by Ian Cleary

February 15, 2016
How to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Videos  by  Ian Cleary   

1. Make Good YouTube Videos – Create The Right Content
Helpful, such as how-to videos or product reviews
Entertaining, such as cat videos
Informative, such as news clips

2.  Consider the Length of Your Videos
Social media shares
Length of time users spend watching

3. Pay Attention to Naming Conventions in Your Youtube SEO process
Use long-tail keywords that describe what your video is about
A title like “How to Build Your WordPress Blog For Beginners – WordPress Tutorial” incorporates several applicable keywords, such as “WordPress Blog” and “WordPress Tutorial.” A title like this is more likely to be ranked for this particular topic than something along the lines of “Build Your Blog From Scratch.” Here’s one example of a video that ranks well for the search term “WordPress Tutorial.”
So before you settle on a target keyword, perform a quick Google search on your chosen term to see if any videos show up in the results
Specify Tags in the YouTube Video Manager
Utilize Your Description -that is make the most of your video description
Include a description approximately 200 words in length or longer that details what your video is about, what viewers will learn, and how it will benefit them. Don’t forget to include any call-to-action links that users can click on to learn more.
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