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20160218 The Cook Report - B2B Thursday

February 18, 2016
Our Blogging Recipe Is Simple: Zero Hoopla. 100% Helpful.
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Lessons that, to this day, still impact the way I view and conduct business:
- Be true to who you are, as long as who you are is true to others.
- There is more than enough business to go around, so help one another.
- Owning a business is hard. Share what you’ve learned and leveraged to grow your own company.
- It’s okay to be vulnerable and share what stinks about your business. Someone else has absolutely been there – and they can give you some pointers, too!
- Ask for what you need and want. You’ll miss out on opportunities or resources that are out there if you don’t reach out to your colleagues.
I wrote this up from resources years ago, when I was working at an FM radio station, as a motivational document to help in getting things 'going' and now years later I still use it but since we're using computers, blogs and other digital methods of engagement, here's the thought "How can you 'digitized' the thoughts in this list in your job"

Ten Things to Do Today to Get Business  

1. Send a handwritten note  

2. Clip and send an article of interest.

3. Talk to a satisfied client and ask who else you might help.

4. Send a thank-you gift to someone who referred you.

5. Give your business card to someone with influence.

6. Send a letter to the editor of a magazine your customers read.

7. Add fifteen people to your mailing list.

8. Leave a compelling voice mail.

9. Make an appointment.

10. Call a client you haven't talked to in two years.

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So, here's the question, should downloads of logos be a seperate page, OR a part of the 'Media Kit' document that also has testimonials, publish moment, the 'about me' stuff  I saw a link today on the PHP site, that prompted my question.


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