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20160224 The Cook Report - The Mind

February 24, 2016
  1. Organize your Pinterest Boards alphabetically to make finding them easy as cake to find.
  2. Setup and USE a calendar of 'what to do today/  and follow it.
  3. Give yourself back 20% of your workday for ME time and guard it jealously.
  4. A good landing page asks that a task be performed.
  5. How many inbound links do you have? How many besides the homepage?
  6. Spend resources on creating content, MORE than beautiful design, that will trump beautiful design.
The above is online too as a short slideshare presentation @ 

Make it easy to measure results.  Simple is better than complicated.
  Best measurements:
  1. Traffic- how many and where from
  2. leads  to conversions 
  3. sales
  4. channels/ sources of leads to sales

1. What are your social media goals? Ask yourself what do you want social media to accomplish? Is it?

    Building brand awareness.
    Driving traffic to your website and/or blog.
    Getting new customers.
    Encouraging existing customers to write great reviews about you.
    Interacting with customers to collect market feedback.

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