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20160223 The Cook Report - SEO TIPS

February 23, 2016
Tactical Tips for SEO

In making the plan the choices might be
More traffic?

More conversions?  Ask for the conversion via a series of landing pages, test and retest to find the best

More reach?

What would success look like to them?

The SEO can’t be expected to wave a magic wand and place a client top of a category in which they enjoy no competitive advantage. Even if the SEO did manage to achieve this feat, the client may not see much in the way of return as it’s easy for visitors to click other listings and compare offers. has this nice little checklist from (Yes, this is that checklist we spoke about during the show)

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Remember: “Content” doesn’t always means “words.” It can also mean free tools, beautiful visualizations, how-to videos and much, much more.

Make it easy to share - from

Astounding content is generally worthy of a Facebook share or a tweet. And social signals from Facebook and Twitter now correlate very strongly with good rankings in Google’s index.

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